Frederika Menezes, started writing at the age of 13. She has published four books, including a collection of poems entitled 'The Portrait' (1998), and the novella 'Unforgotten' (2014). She has won several awards over the years for her writing and was awarded the Yuva Srujan Puraskar (2016/17). Unforgotten can be purchased here.

By Frederika Menezes

A distant melody
Brings to life
An incredibly happy history...
Music and song
Let me hear them again
Sung by the much
Appreciated one!

A whistle in the
Of a long dreamed dream...
No I never stopped
Envisioning my desire
It's only that whiles
Distracted me...

I've painted my wish
On my heart
In the very veins of
My being
That where my blood flows
My dream, desire and wish
Into reality might grow...

O melody maker
Pass my way
Stop for a time
And let me Revel
In your sing-song
For you bring
Alive my weary soul
And incomplete as I feel
You create song and music
That make me whole!

How wonderful a talent
You have
No one and nothing else
To it, compares...
Winds from afar
Blow my way
Bring them melodies of the past
And future
Bring them here
For here they belong,
Here, in my world to stay...!