The Best in Fiction 2019 award
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The Best in Non-Fiction 2019 award
sponsored by anonymous donor in memory of poet Eunice d’Souza

Editor’s Choice Award
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Issue no. 11 coming on 1 mar 2019
homelands far away


Two poems: The Oral Lyric of Life by Chandramohan S

Three Poems: The Lost Mango Tree by Sonnet Mondail

Three Poems: Father Vaskode’s Lesson by Pitambar Naik

Me and Meena at the Marsh by Salil Chaturvedi

Book Review

The House at 43, Hill Road by Selma Carvalho

Musings by Ben Antao

Sita Valles: A Revolutionary Until Death by Savia Viegas

Pio Gama Pinto: Kenya’s Unsung Martyr, 1927-1965 by Selma Carvalho


In Search of Shakespeare’s Bookshop by Ben Antao

Birds by Cordelia B Francis

The Metamorphosis of Hunger by Bina Datwani


Song Sung Blue: Caste, Culture and Consent
In conversation with Savia Viegas about her new book

Luso-Indians: A Mandarin Class by Selma Carvalho

Finding Father: A Norwegian-Goan Story by Selma Carvalho

F N Souza: Rethinking Representation by Jugneeta Sudan

Understanding Loretti Pinto: An Artist At Work by Jugneeta Sudan

Banner image courtesy of poet Salil Chaturvedi. The marshlands of Goa.


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