Basanti has arrived ... Hallelujah

By Marinella Proença

The cogu echoes its koyal song
glibly — pitching its scores along
spring’s tapestry: of birthing pods
green arrows pinned to nudist fronds
And so I look for seasons’ signs
Of new beginnings, evolving climes
that cheat ol’ winter’s wrinkled mind
with virtual treats: of mutiny.

Bumble-bee in black yet blue
locks musket-drawn on shoe-flower tube
Pinks and reds and yellows anew
marching forth through pin-hole view
Lepidop wings flit-tango along
Unrepentant — for their closet anon
But for them, journey’s end begins upon
an orgasm: of colourful blasphemy.


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Marinella Proença resides in Calangute, Goa, the village which inspired her first book of poetry Heart Beat: Poems Awakening Goan Memories, (Goa, 2008). In 2008, Marinella was invited to release the book by the Goan Association in Canada, at the Global Goan Convention. The book has had a successful run, and it has been catalogued by 11 American Universities including Yale and Cornell, and it also sits on the shelves of The Library of Congress, Washington D.C..