Between a rock and a hard place, break free

By Limbicmoshpit

Knock-Offs and First Copy 

Trade wars begin in households.
Bilateral demands are dishes piled up in the sink.
Green mould culture cultivated into the sinews of multiracial histories.
Real-life stories are lost on tongues silenced by misrepresented identities.
Rotting leftovers are grossly miscalculated terms, definitions …
W.O.R.D.S – Wordles of Oppression, Repression, Destruction, Suppression.
The overbearing handle of a ladle with too much or too little,
the heavy hand of salty complaints,
the empty pocket of sweet nothings,
the slight turn of a wrist in dissent,
the No suffocated by corrosive commerce
greets our neighbourhoods at doors locked from the inside.
Hardly an impasse for the stench of repulsive economics that
violates thresholds built to keep us safe, designed to give us the right
to choose what enters and what doesn’t,
what we buy or reject on-site, at first sight.

Across the floor seating, over the dinner table,
Oval as her face, or round as his fist, or rectangular as a textbook,
bitter astringent mouthfuls too difficult to swallow
smash into the hollow of temples at 4G speed,
belt buckles blacken the archway of shoulder blades
better familiar with padded straps of knapsacks and peer pressure.
Humiliation rouges the proud rise of impoverished cheekbones,
and jaundiced eyes blister on contact with nagging knuckles.
We pay the price.
We pay the price for self-preservation
In a currency no government could ever mint;
Dragging breaths and bodies
Away between muffled sobs.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Break Free

Flow down
your moonshine, sip
slowly, delicately.
It's going to feel like
steady yourself with pieces
of bread dipped
in olive oil and herbs,
slices of pizza, or a kathi roll.

Exotic intoxication
is what you need
to draw out this sticky dis-ease
you've grown fond of,
harboured for decades
in the centre of your xiphoid process,
behind the origin of your last rib,
right underneath your liver
detoxifying family secrets.

The act of jigai 
becomes so appealing, you'll figuratively conduct it. 
You've been sheltering the past 
like a war fugitive you swore 
to protect for a debt you haven't paid off.

But this karmic knot will break free.

Just one more sip
and another, and another.
That's all you need: one more salty drop
from the bore wells
of your vitreous humour,
filling the cups
of your lacrimal papilla.
Nothing heals quite like
parting pain past pupils.

Limbicmoshpit is a poet and spoken-word artist, percussionist, poly-artist. She works as a freelance content/developmental editor based in Goa, India. The poems reflect her internal kaleidoscope of faces, places, global events, rhythm, and art — the dynamics and conversations, visceral interplay, the piquancy of the human condition, and love for mother nature. Her work is a soulful melange of wordplay, philosophical satire, and universal truths. Limbicmoshpit has read and performed at art and literary festivals across Goa and Maharashtra including Kavya Hotra, Goa Arts and Literary Festival, Museum of Goa for Contemporary Art, Story of Space, Crossover Poetry Sessions, Harmony of Strings festival, and Walking Book Fairs’ Poems On The Road, among others.  Contact her at: