By Santosh Alex


I searched for you
on the dining table
You were distributing bread
to the multitudes.

I searched for you
in the church
You were shining
on the farmers’ body in the field.

I searched for you
in the goat shed
You went in search
of the lost sheep.

I searched for you
at the border
You showed me a world
without borders.

I searched for you
in the bed
You danced as flowers
in the mountains.

Dr. Santosh Alex is a trilingual poet, translator, and curator. He has published 35 books which include poetry, criticism, and translations. His poems have been published in national and international journals. He was invited to read poetry at the Hyderabad Literary Festival, Mathrubhoomi Festival of Letters, Sahitya Academy’s Writers meet, A. Aiyappan Literary Festival and the Istanbul Poetry Festival. His academic book on translation, ‘Anuvad Prakriya Evam Vyayahariktha’ is included in the syllabus of many universities in India. He was awarded the Dwivageesh Puraskaar, Thalashery Raghavan Memorial Poetry Award, Srijan Lok Poetry Award, Sahitya Ratna Puraskaar and International Vitruvio Poetry Award from Italy.